Wellness Care

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For cats in Germantown, Gaithersburg, Rockville, Clarksburg, Poolesville, and surrounding areas, A Cat Clinic offers comprehensive wellness care for cats of all ages.

Comprehensive Wellness Care & Prevention Services

Our doctors will perform a thorough physical examination of your cat and will discuss nutrition, dental care, and other ways to keep your cat healthy during each office visit. More frequent exams are recommended for young kittens and cats aged 10 years and older, but the “Twice a Year for Life” program has shown that more frequent exams can alert us to problems before they become more serious.

Drop-Off Appointments mean we can get diagnostics and treatments started sooner to help your cat feel better quicker. Drop-off appointments are available for established clients for routine wellness exams and vaccinations, as well as diagnostic testing and treatment. We ask that wellness visits be scheduled in advance. There is a ward fee for cats that spend the day with us.

Please download and complete our Hospital Admission Form before drop-off. (Available on our Online Forms page)

Kitten Wellness Care

Congratulations on your new kitten! Kittens go through so many changes during their first year and we know you will have many questions about how to best care for your new kitten. When you visit with your kitten, we will discuss nutrition, litter box, scratching, neutering, behavior, and other issues that may concern you. Our comprehensive care includes examinations, vaccinations, parasite control, viral testing, and spay/neutering needed to get your kitten off to a healthy start.

Adult Wellness Care 

We will perform a complete physical exam, administer only needed vaccinations according to your cat’s lifestyle, and perform lab work (if necessary) tailored to the individual cat. We will also discuss any behavior changes, weight management, and dental care needed to keep your cat healthy and pain-free.

Senior Wellness Care 

Cats 10 years and older are more prone to medical problems and we strongly encourage semi-annual examinations and testing. We will ask about any subtle changes you may have noticed, such as your cat drinking more water or climbing stairs more slowly. Our Senior Wellness Care includes consultation regarding nutrition and behavior, comprehensive physical examination, blood pressure measurement, and lab work imaging. We will discuss the findings with you and make recommendations to keep your cat healthy.

Individualized Vaccination Protocols

We follow the American Association of Feline Practitioners Vaccination Guidelines regarding vaccinations and limit vaccinations to those indicated for your cat’s lifestyle.

Parasite Prevention

Parasite prevention plays a major role in the routine health of your cat. All kittens are treated for intestinal parasites at least twice during their initial visits. For all cats, we recommend heartworm prevention and yearly fecal analysis. For outside cats, we recommend flea and tick prevention as well as yearly treatment for intestinal parasites. Our clinic carries an assortment of products and the doctors will tailor a prevention program specifically for your cat. Modern parasite prevention products carried at veterinary offices are very safe and are chosen because they are efficacious.

Weight Management

Excess weight increases your cat’s risk of diabetes, urinary problems, and arthritis. Current knowledge of feline nutrition helps us help you manage your cat’s weight. Weight checks (technician appointments) are available at no charge, however, appointments are required.

Nutritional Counseling

With various life stages or illnesses, the nutritional needs of your cat will change as well. Our doctors and staff will review current medical information and make specific dietary recommendations to help your cat maintain optimal health.

Blood Pressure

Elevated blood pressure or hypertension is common in older cats. Untreated hypertension causes pain; it can worsen kidney disease and can cause heart problems or even blindness. The good news is that hypertension in cats can be treated with medication, often flavored liquid to mix in food. At A Cat Clinic, we routinely screen senior cats for hypertension as part of their senior wellness exam.

Behavioral Counseling

Cats often feel stressed by things we may not recognize. Sometimes this stress is expressed by behaviors that are difficult for most families to live with. Urinating outside of the litter box, aggression, and destroying furniture are just a few ways our cats can be challenging family members. Our doctors can discuss various changes you can make in your household to help your cat be as happy and well-adjusted as possible.