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Traveling with your cat: Riding in Cars with Cats Part I

Posted on: June 12th, 2015 by Dr. Dale Rubenstein

Summer is finally here, and that brings travel season. Since you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t share your life with at least one furry feline, you may be faced with decisions about traveling with your cat. How can I get my cat into a carrier? Should I take my cat with me or leave her at home? How can I make the annual trip to the veterinary office for a wellness visit less stressful? We will be posting a series of blogs about these questions and more.

At some point, you will likely have to take your cat someplace in the car. This may be just for a veterinary office visit locally, or it may be bringing your cat out of town with you. Traveling with your cat doesn’t always have to be traumatic; cats who are used to it may not mind car travel. We will start with some general tips to make traveling with your cat easier, whether for a short ride or long trip:

Next time we’ll talk more specifically about taking your cat on vacation with you.