Domestic/National and International Health Certificates

Our veterinarians are ASDA-APHIS accredited and can certify cats for travel within the US and abroad. Overseas travel preparation can take more than six months, so if you plan to travel or move abroad, please contact us as soon as possible to begin the appropriate preparations for your cat.

Rabies Titer Testing

If your cat will be traveling overseas, island states (Hawaii) and countries (Australia, Japan, England, and others) have stringent requirements regarding Rabies vaccination and blood titer tests to prevent Rabies. We can perform the testing and provide the documentation needed to certify your cat for travel. Again, if you plan to take your cat overseas, please contact us as soon as possible (minimum of 6 months in advance).



Microchip Placement

Microchip placement provides a permanent form of identification for your cat. This involves placing a tiny chip under the cat’s skin between its shoulders. The chip identification information is then recorded in a national registry. Unlike a collar or tag that can fall off, the microchip is permanently embedded in your cat. If your cat gets lost, most shelters and veterinary hospitals will check for a microchip to identify your cat and help expedite a safe return to its owner. Microchipping is also required for international travel.

We recommend microchipping your cat during spay/neuter surgery, but this can also be done during a routine office visit. See “Home Again” microchip by Schering-Plough for more information.