Aurora's Angels Fund helps cats in need

Posted March 21, 2020 by Dr. Melissa Mustillo.

Aurora’s Angels Fund was started in September, 2015 in memory of our beloved hospital cat, Aurora.  The goal of the fund is to help cats in need right here in our community.  Since that time, we have helped many local cats receive the medical care they need, so they can lead the happy lives they deserve.

With all the recent scary news about the Coronavirus going on in our world, we wanted to bring you a happy story. Something that should make you feel good about your generous donations to our fund, and what your compassion and kindness can do for our feline friends.

Cheesepuff: A cat in need of help

On a cold, rainy morning in late February, a Good Samaritan rushed a soggy orange cat into our clinic.  She found him on the side of the road, barely moving, concerned he was hit by a car. The Good Samaritan went to a nearby home to see if this kitty had a home. The people admitted to seeing the cat and that he was a young friendly cat, but said he was a stray and they did not want to claim ownership.

Our team quickly went to work assessing and treating this sad-looking kitty, which we named Cheesepuff. We guessed he was about a year old. He was very thin, although we couldn’t tell at first because of his heavily-matted coat.  I was concerned about head trauma, and he had several wounds around his neck. We took radiographs to look for broken bones, but fortunately there were none. We did blood work to check for serious illness or internal trauma, but that did not show any major problems either.

Taking action: Your donations at work

We started Cheesepuff on supportive care with fluids, antibiotics, and vitamins. We also gave him medication for pain, since he was pretty sore. After 24 hours, he turned the corner and started to improve!  Since he was a stray cat with an unknown rabies vaccination history, and with numerous wounds around his neck,Cheesepuff had to be placed on Rabies quarantine for 10 days. This meant minimal human interaction, and all staff members had to practice strict sanitation if they did need to handle him.

Cheesepuff came through his quarantine with flying colors and we all couldn’t wait to shower him with pets and hugs.  He was finally able to receive routine vaccinations, deworming treatments, and was neutered. His coat was terribly matted and needed to be fully shaved. The mats were so thick and widespread, his coat came off in one piece! Cheesepuff felt embarrassed after his haircut. But we told him he was still beautiful, and convinced him that it will grow back.

Once his hair was gone, we saw how thin he was.  I think he was starving before he came to us, as his first poop contained dirt, sticks and rocks. But he has a good appetite, so he’s making up for lost time now.

Aurora's Angels Fund helps cats in needWe are happy to report that within days of looking for a home for Cheesepuff, a very nice family adopted him!  We were so sad to see him leave, but beyond delighted for his bright future. Here is a picture of him in his new home – he settled in very quickly! According to his new mom, he already runs to the door to greet her.

How you can help

Our Aurora’s Angels Fund donations helped offset the cost of Cheesepuff’s emergency care. To make a donation, click here. Thanks to all our wonderful clients who donate to our Aurora’s Angels Fund and help us provide needed care for kitties like Cheesepuff!