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Now you can follow A Cat Clinic on Instagram!

Posted on August 1, 2017 by Dr. Nikhita De Bernardis

We want to introduce you to A Cat Clinic’s new Instagram account!  We know that Instagram is popular with many of our clients, and some of our patients even have their own Instagram accounts.

For those of our clients less familiar with this social media platform, here is a brief overview. Instagram is used to share pictures or short videos, and is known for its ability to add filters to the images. as well as the ability to “tag” the images with different words to highlight a topic.  At the time of writing this blog, #cat (the cat “tag”) has almost 120 million hits! You can follow A Cat Clinic on Instagram @acatclinic.

We are hoping to use our Instagram for a few reasons.  One is to connect our clients with their beloved pets while they’re boarding with us, like sweet Victoria here.


Another is to talk about procedures that we do that clients don’t commonly get to see, like little John Watson’s ultrasound examination here.


We also like to show the appointment experience with us. Who doesn’t like to see happy cats, like brave little Prince here?


Of course, the owners of all of these cats have approved of us posting on social media.  When you make your first appointment with us, it’s one of the questions you answer on the new patient forms.  If you don’t remember what you selected, or want to change your preferences, you can let us know at any time.  Please do tell us if any of your cats have their own Instagram account, and we will gladly follow them! (Only if it’s just an account for the cat; we cannot follow personal accounts.)

Also, a quick note – we try to post daily and respond to comments when possible, but can’t guarantee when we will check it.  So if you have a medical question, please remember to contact us directly instead at 301-540-7770 or messages@acatclinic.us.

So click the Instagram link at the top of this page to follow us at @acatclinic.  We look forward to sharing the A Cat Clinic experience with everyone! 😊