Cat grooming at A Cat Clinic Boyds MDSome cats need a little help to maintain their beautiful coat. That is why our clinic offers an assortment of medically-necessary cat grooming options for our established patients . Our services include:

  • brushing
  • dematting
  • nail trims
  • perineal shaves (under tail and back of legs)
  • perineal plus shave (as above plus belly)
  • lion clips (all of body from neck to tail)
  • baths.

If your cat lets us know he or she would be more comfortable with a mild sedative, our doctors are always available and can administer one if needed. We offer package deals too – please contact our clinic for pricing.

Whether your cat needs a simple nail trim or a complete makeover, our cat grooming services will keep your cat looking purrfectly beautiful!

Grooming is for established clients only. For more information on our grooming options, download our Grooming Brochure or call us at 301.540.7770.