Aurora's Angels Fund helps cats in need at A Cat Clinic, Germantown MD

Welcome to the Aurora’s Angels Fund page.  Aurora’s Angels Fund was set up in memory of our beloved hospital cat, Aurora, to help A Cat Clinic provide medical services to cats who would not otherwise receive it.  For more on the fund, see our blog post Aurora’s Angels Fund: Help us help cats in need.

Helping cats in need is something we all care deeply about. When we use your generous donations to provide needed care for cats in our community, whether from Germantown, Gaithersburg, Rockville, Clarksburg, or anywhere in Montgomery County and beyond, we want to keep you updated on just how your donations are being put to work.  So check back here for the latest on some of the patients we have been able to assist.  To make a tax-deductible donation, please visit the Veterinary Care Foundation and choose our clinic.  If you are making a donation in honor or memory of a beloved friend, and you would like us to acknowledge that on this page, please send us an email with a photo and we will be happy to post it.  And thank you so much for your help!

Aurora's Angels Fund helps cats in needMarch, 2020 “Cheesepuff”

A Good Samaritan found Cheesepuff and brought him into our clinic on a cold, rainy day in February.  Our fund helped provide emergency care for this friendly, young stray.  After treating his injuries and quarantining him to make sure he didn’t have rabies, we are happy to report that he has found a wonderful home.  For more on Cheesepuff’s story, see our blog post about him.


December, 2018 “Joey”

Horner's syndrome in cats can result from ear infection | A Cat Clinic, Germantown, MDIt’s been a while since we’ve posted an update, but in 2018 we actually paid for over $2000 worth of veterinary care with money from the fund!  The latest is Joey, a handsome 5 year old brown tabby, very confident and friendly.  He has suffered some major injuries to both his front paws which will require extensive orthopedic surgery.  In the meantime, he also had an ear polyp which caused Horner’s syndrome, an neurological condition of the eye.  Dr. De Bernardis was able to remove the polyp, and we are treating the associated ear infection currently.  When he is all healed up, he will be headed for additional surgery for his leg.  Read more about Joey’s story here.

November, 2017 “Elena”

Aurora's Angels Fund: Elena's StoryElena is a timid, 8 year old tortie stray who wormed her way into the heart of one of our clients.  After sharing their yard for several years, she showed up one day with evidence of severe trauma.  Aurora’s Angels Fund donations helped us provide initial emergency care to stabilize Elena prior to transferring her to a 24-hour care facility.  She spent several days there recovering from fractured ribs and lung damage.  Fortunately, she is slowly but steadily improving and is now an indoor-only cat.  She is so lucky to have found such a wonderful family to care for her! Read her full story here.

October, 2017 “Jinora”

Aurora's Angels Fund helps care for cats in need.Vicki, our head technician, recently found herself the recipient of one of our Aurora’s Angels Fund kitties.  Jinora was an adorable 6 month old kitten who was brought into the clinic because she was having gastrointestinal and respiratory problems. Her mother had suffered a from severe upper respiratory infection, and Jinora had some residual eye damage from her own bout with it.  She developed diarrhea, and her owner felt she could not keep her at home any longer, so she boarded her at the clinic for a week to try some medication and await test results. Aurora’s Angels Fund donations helped cover the cost of testing her for various infectious intestinal diseases, which fortunately came back negative. While everyone here fell in love with her during her stay, she still wasn’t 100% normal.  So her owner decided to give her up and Vicki adopted her. She is now a healthy, vigorous kitty enjoying life with Vicki’s three other cats!

January, 2017 “PJ”

Aurora's Angels Fund helps cats in need at A Cat Clinic in Germantown/Boyds, MDP.J. is an adorable kitten who was very sick and required a lot of expensive diagnostic tests and supportive treatment. When his family needed help to continue with P.J.’s recommended veterinary care, we were able to use some funds to assist them. His family is very grateful, and P.J. is currently doing a little better as they are continuing his treatment at home.  Read our blog post for more about PJ’s story.

Aurora's Angels Fund helps cats in need at A Cat Clinic in Germantown/Boyds, MDSeptember, 2016 “Baloo”
Baloo was brought in to A Cat Clinic because his owners could no longer care for him. He is a beautiful 5 year old neutered male kitty who loves being “king of the roost”. As we already have adopted Cleo as our new hospital cat, Baloo is looking for his forever home. But in the meantime, we were able to use some of the Aurora’s Angels Fund to help with his care.

**Update on Baloo (January 2017): he has found a wonderful forever home with one of our clients.  We couldn’t be happier for all of them!


Aurora's Angels Fund helps cats in need at A Cat Clinic in Germantown/Boyds, MDApril, 2016 “Kitty”
Kitty, a 14 year old brown and black tiger cat, presented to us with a recent history of vomiting and not eating. Her owner had just paid for an expensive surgery for another pet, so he was concerned about the costs of doing the diagnostic tests necessary for Kitty. However, Aurora’s Angels Fund allowed Dr. Mustillo to do an ultrasound and blood tests which pointed to a kidney infection. We treated Kitty with fluids, pain medication, and antibiotics, and she responded well. Kitty does have ongoing kidney problems, so we will have to continue to monitor her condition.


Aurora's Angels Fund helps cats in need at A Cat Clinic in Germantown/Boyds, MDJanuary, 2016 “Jada”
Jada is a 13 year old gray and white female who was not feeling well. Her owner said she had not been herself and she was experiencing a lot of pain in her abdomen. Because Jada was so painful, Dr. Rubenstein was unable to confirm the diagnosis without x-rays. With Aurora’s Angels Fund help, we took abdominal x-rays which revealed constipation. Fortunately, giving fluids and an enema helped Jada have a bowel movement, and we were able to send her home with additional recommendations for treatment at home.


Aurora's Angels Fund helps cats in need at A Cat Clinic in Germantown/Boyds, MDOctober, 2015 “Picasso”
Picasso is a handsome cream-colored short-haired boy, almost 13 years old. He had a painful, infected wound, but his owner was unable to pay for treatment at that time. Fortunately, we had just created Aurora’s Angels fund, so we were able to help Picasso out. We cleaned the wound and provide treatment with antibiotics, and he recovered uneventfully.