Posted on: September 25th, 2015 by Dr. Dale Rubenstein

Several weeks ago our much-loved hospital cat, Princess Aurora, lost her battle with kidney and heart failure. Things are definitely not the same around here without her! A very grateful thank you to all our wonderful friends who sent their condolences. We have been trying to decide on a good way to honor her memory, and came up with Aurora’s Angels Fund.

We often have people bring in cats that they found injured on the road, or that wander up to their house and need veterinary care. Often, these “Good Samaritans” cannot keep the cat, but they don’t want to let the cat suffer, so they will bring the cat here for treatment. We have treated many such cats in the past and found them new homes. Aurora herself came to us because her owners were unable to properly care for her. However, with the ever-increasing cost of medical care, it’s becoming harder to provide more than just basic care for these cats. So we wondered, how can we help cats in need? Thus, Aurora’s Angels Fund was born.

This fund will allow us to provide optimal care for such kitties as we long as we have the funds available. Clients in financial crisis, police/fire/military family pets, service pets, and cases of local disasters (fire, weather) could also be eligible. We have partnered with the Veterinary Care Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable foundation created for the specific purpose of helping veterinary practices fund discounted and no charge care for pets in need. You can donate to our Aurora’s Angels Fund directly online at their website, or by check made out to Veterinary Care Foundation here at the clinic. 100% of all funds donated to the A Cat Clinic – Aurora’s Angels Fund through the Veterinary Care Foundation go directly to the care of cats here at the clinic.

While all the details have not been worked out yet, A Cat Clinic is planning to donate a portion of the cost of each wellness exam performed to the fund. So bringing your cat in for an annual check-up will help not only your own cat, but others as well.

Please help us help others and honor Aurora’s memory by donating to our Aurora’s Angels Fund. All donations are tax-deductible. For more information or to donate, visit the Veterinary Care Foundation website, or contact us at or 301-540-7770. Thank you for allowing us to continue caring for cats in need!