Helpful Veterinary Videos

Comprehensive Physical Exam for your Cat

Wondering what a visit at A Cat Clinic is like? Watch as Dr. Rubenstein gives Dolly a typical feline-friendly examination.

How to Medicate Your Cat

Do you have trouble giving your cat oral medication? Wondering what is the best way to hold your cat to treat an ear problem or clip nails? Dr. Dale Rubenstein demonstrates her techniques for administering many types of veterinary medications to cats.

To jump to a specific topic, choose from the times shown below:

  • 0:00 Giving oral medication
  • 1:55 Applying eye medication
  • 2:28 Administering ear medication
  • 3:19 Trimming nails
  • 4:26 Topical wound treatment

The CATalyst Council has provided the following videos with the intent to inform and foster healthy habits for your feline friend.

Cats & Carriers: Friends not Foes

Choosing the Best Kind of Carrier for your Cat

Training Cats Into the Carrier

Making the Carrier Cat-Friendly

Making Carriers Irresistible to Cats

Going for a Ride

Cat Wellness Exam

Feline Nutrition