A Cat Clinic - Feline only veterinarian in Germantown, MDServing northern Montgomery County since 1986

What makes A Cat Clinic different from other veterinary hospitals? Cats do not deal well with change. Even the most subtle change in a cat’s environment can cause stress and anxiety. At A Cat Clinic we understand these sensitivities and make it our mission to provide a low-stress, cat-friendly environment. From calming voices and delicate handling techniques, to a relaxed “home away from home” environment, we work to minimize your cat’s stress and anxiety, creating a therapeutic environment and rewarding experience for you and your cat. We put your cat’s comfort first in all we do, and from the moment you walk in, you’ll see why.

We put your cat first!

After spending two years in general veterinary practice, our founder Dr. Rubenstein moved to a feline-only veterinary hospital and was immediately struck by the difference.

Everything was geared toward cats, with the understanding that they react better toward treatment and care when the clinical environment is geared exclusively toward their needs.

A Cat Clinic opened in 1986, moving to the current location in 2005, and for the past 25 years our staff of “cat people” have been committed to providing optimum care to all cats entrusted to us. Our warm, cat-friendly environment is the difference that keeps our clients coming back.

How does your cat benefit from our ABVP expert care?

Certification through the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP) means striving for excellence in all aspects of feline veterinary care.

We take specialized knowledge using the latest information in feline medicine and experience regarding cat wellness and behavior to help us provide early detection of problems, which means improved quality of life for your cat.

Our doctors and staff all continue to share Dr. Rubenstein’s commitment to providing excellent care for our feline patients and their families.

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A Cat Clinic - Cat vet in Germantown, MD



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