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PJ's Story, benefciary of Aurora's Angels Fund donations at A Cat Clinic

Helping Cats in Need with Aurora’s Angels Fund: PJ’s Story

Posted on March 24, 2017 by Dr. Dale Rubenstein We want to thank our generous donors to Aurora’s Angels Fund, a fund in memory of our beloved former hospital cat. Helping cats in need in our community is something that is very important to us.  These funds enable us to provide services for cats in […]

Cat Vision: What does your cat see?

Cat Vision: What does your cat see?

This time of year we pet owners are thinking about what to get for our cats as a holiday gift. What kind of toy would they like? And while pondering that question, I started thinking about cat vision and what my cat sees when she’s chasing a ball or getting ready to pounce on the mink teaser toy she has (or my toes, for that matter).

Black cats and Halloween: Good luck or cursed?

Black Cats and Halloween: Good luck or cursed?

If you have an all black feline friend, you probably should be cautious about letting him or her roam outside on October 31. Black cats and Halloween have a history that is not always a happy one. In Puritanical New England, the Pilgrims thought that black cats had a close relationship with witches.

Microchip Feeder: How to feed different food to different cats?

If you have more than one cat in your home, you may face one of several common problems. Maybe one cat is thin but the other is overweight. Or, one has bladder problems (crystals in the urine) requiring a special diet and the other cat has food allergies and can’t eat the urinary diet.

Meet our latest Hospital Cat, Cleo!

This will surprise no one that all of us at A Cat Clinic want to help every cat we see. That is how we end up “adopting” a hospital cat: Jasmine several years ago, then our beloved and late Aurora, and most recently we kept Raven until she could find her wonderful forever home.

International travel with cats requires advanced planning

7 steps for International Travel with Cats

Way back in July of last year, we wrote Part I of our post about air travel with your cat. Things got us sidetracked, but now we’re ready to finish our travel series. International travel with cats is often a complicated process that takes much planning and preparation.

Check the Chip Day: Is your cat’s microchip current?

August 15 is National Check the Chip Day. What does this mean? It’s a reminder to make sure your cat has a microchip (or to make an appointment to get one). Just as important if your cat has already been “chipped” is to check that your information is up-to-date.

Getting your cat used to the Carrier

Last summer we did an article on traveling with your cat in a car, which included a little bit about getting your cat used to the carrier. But as this is the first (and often limiting) step towards smooth travels, it seems useful to pass along some additional tips.

Cats Chewing Electric Cords: How can I get her to stop?

It may not sound appealing to you or I, but to your kitten, a loose or dangling electric cord is a fun and exciting toy to play with. Chewing on toys is part of the action for young cats, but cats chewing electric cords is not something we want to encourage!

Pet Health Insurance: Is it worth the money?

You just got a new kitten. You see a brochure about Pet Health Insurance, and wonder if you should get it. But you expect to have many healthy years of kitty fun, and as time goes on you just kind of forget about insurance. Your cat is young, you don’t need it now.

Happy birthday to A Cat Clinic!

A Cat Clinic is having a birthday!

This June, we celebrate our 30th anniversary! Some of our wonderful clients have been with us since the very beginning, but for those who are newer to our family, here’s a little background on our history.

De-Stressing Veterinary Visits for Cats

Does your cat get so anxious when you come for a veterinary visit that you almost don’t want to come at all? Does he or she howl all the way over here or get angry during the exam? We completely understand how this can make you upset as well.

Bladder Stones in cats: Case of the Month

Urinary problems are very common in cats. We see cases in one form or another almost weekly. While bladder stones in cats are not the most common form of urinary disease we see, they are something we always need to watch for.

Allergies in Cats: Uh-oh, it’s allergy season!

While watching the weather on the local news the other night, the weatherman mentioned the pollen counts for grasses and trees. And it’s only the beginning of March! So even though there may still be snow on the ground where you live (and we just had another dusting here last night), spring–and it’s associated allergy season–is coming. What does this mean to your cat?

Curious Cats: Household dangers for cats

Whatever it is, some cat will find and want to play with it–and frequently this will get him or her into big trouble! Some are obvious, but others you might never think of. Unfortunately, over the years we’ve seen many examples first-hand of various items cats will eat.

Euthanasia may be the toughest decision you have to make as a pet owner, but at times it can be the kindest.

Final Journey: When to say goodbye to your cat…

One of the hardest things about owning a cat is that their average life expectancy is mid-teens, some longer and sadly some less. Our cats depend on us to provide them with comfort and maintain quality of life. Euthanasia may be the toughest decision you have to make as a pet owner, but at times it can be the kindest.

Boarding your cat at A Cat Clinic

We love when your feline family members come to spend time with us. Each of them has a unique personality and their own likes and dislikes. Boarding your cat at A Cat Clinic should be a positive experience for everyone, and we work hard to make sure that happens.

Aurora's Angels Fund helps cats in need

Aurora’s Angels Fund in Action: Thank you!!

Picasso is a handsome cream-colored short-haired boy, almost 13 years old. He has had problems with painful infections in the past. So, his mom knew what the problem was, but with the recent loss of her spouse and with no family in the United States, she was unable to pay for treatment.

Aurora’s Angels Fund: Help us help cats in need

Several weeks ago our much-loved hospital cat, Princess Aurora, lost her battle with kidney and heart failure. Things are definitely not the same around here without her! A very grateful thank you to all our wonderful friends who sent their condolences.

Our beloved Princess Aurora…

It is with great sadness that the blog we hoped to push off as long as possible is being written, as we had to euthanize our beloved Princess Aurora today. She was in end-stage kidney failure, and trying aggressive treatment for her kidneys was then causing heart failure.

Traveling with Cats: Flying with your cat, Part I

Previously, we gave general tips for traveling with cats, focusing on trips in the car. But what if you are traveling to California? Or moving to Hawaii? While researching this article, we are reminded just how complicated flying with your cat can be.

Traveling with cats: Riding in Cars with Cats, Part II

So you’ve gotten your cat used to riding in the car for short distances; now how about taking your cat on vacation with you? Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a vacation home at the beach or in the mountains, and of course, you don’t want to leave Kitty behind all summer.

Traveling with your cat: Riding in Cars with Cats Part I

Summer is finally here, and that brings travel season. Since you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t share your life with at least one furry feline, you may be faced with decisions about traveling with your cat. How can I get my cat into a carrier? Should I take my cat with me or leave her at home?

Cat Heart Problems: Taking your cat to a Cardiologist

Many of our clients know our hospital cat, Aurora. She’s such a celebrity, she has her own Facebook page! But Aurora hadn’t been feeling well lately, and we were worried she might have a heart problem. So she visited the local cardiology specialists and wrote the following about her experience.

Vocalizing in Cats Part 2: Why does my cat talk so much?

Our last blog post discussed the answer to the question, “Why does my cat talk so much?”, focusing on healthy cats. In those cases, modifying your cat’s environment may be all that’s needed to keep the peace. However, what if your cat is not young and healthy?

Vocalizing in Cats Part 1: Why does my cat talk so much?

Siamese cats are noted for being more vocal than other breeds. Hormonal reasons include estrus (cats “in heat”); cats who vocalize more may be bored, stressed with a change in environment or they may have a medical condition. Sometimes we reinforce attention-seeking behavior when a cat vocalizes and we “answer”.

Kidney Disease in Cats: Getting old is tough!

Aurora just celebrated her 17th birthday, and as so many of you kindly noted, she looks great for her age. In human years, 17 cat years is equal to about age 85, so the fact that her favorite sleeping spot involves hopping up on Dr. Mustillo’s chair (arthritis and all!) is remarkable.

Laser Therapy for Cats: Hot Treatment for Cool Cats!

Laser therapy for cats is a new treatment that we are offering for various issues your kitty may face. While it may seem like the latest “fad” in medicine, there have been many studies as well as anecdotal evidence showing its effectiveness in animals

Feline Acne, or Chin Acne in Cats: My Cat Has Pimples!

Have you ever noticed bumps or scabs on your kitty’s chin, and when you asked your veterinarian about it were told your cat had Acne? Differing from the disease so common in human teenagers, feline acne is the term used to describe any inflammation of the chin of cats.

12 Days of Christmas, Part II

This holiday season we wanted to bring you twelve thoughts about how our staff celebrates with their pets. Last week we shared some stories about the special treats they give or their memories of the holidays with their pets. We left off with #7, so as Christmas draws near, here are the rest.

12 Days of Christmas, Part I

We all love our pets, and celebrate big occasions with them in many different ways. So we thought for this holiday season, we would provide you a little peak at how our staff at A Cat Clinic celebrates the holidays with their pets.

Arthritis in Cats: Making Life Comfortable for Your Older Cat

A few weeks ago, we did a blog post on treating pain in cats, which discussed the fact that cats DO feel pain, they are just good at hiding it. When you think of arthritis in pets, most people think about dogs, but arthritis in cats occurs more frequently than you might think.

Play Biting in Kittens: How to save your hands

It’s fun to watch a small kitten at play, practicing the hunting behaviors that would allow survival in the wild. But for our domestic cats, play biting in kittens that starts out “cute” can become dangerous as the cat grows. This is especially true for a hand-raised kitten:

Ways to Reduce Stress in Cats: Make it Fear-Free

“Make it Fear-Free”– this was the title of a recent article in a veterinary magazine, and a focus for veterinarian, author and speaker Marty Becker, DVM. In veterinary school, we are trained to focus on the physical well-being of our patients.

Treating Pain in Cats

It’s hard to believe that people used to think that animals “don’t feel pain”. All mammals have the same basic nervous system, so this never made any sense. Fortunately, people no longer believe this; we also have safer analgesics (pain medications) available.

Summer Heat Safety: Cats in Cars

It’s August, and although this summer has not been as hot as usual in the central Maryland area, it’s important to think about summer heat safety for your cat before heading out for a ride. With another month of summer weather left, we’re bound to get some 90 degree days.

Think Your Indoor Cat Doesn’t Need a Microchip? Think Again!

Except… Zizou was living in an apartment, never went outdoors, until there was an electric fire. Zizou’s parents were able to escape but the frightened cat bolted and is still missing. The owners thought they found him, but the black and white cat they found was not Zizou. Unfortunately, he does not have a microchip.

A Little Miracle…

One of our clients had found an orange and white kitten. He seemed fine at first, but the next day, he just collapsed and they rushed him in to our hospital. Krystal, our receptionist, looked at the kitten and ran for me.

Maggie’s Story: A Cautionary Tale

Maggie is a 10-year old spayed female cat. Mom and Dad recently retired and purchased an RV to do some road-travel. They started with short trips and Maggie seemed to do fine, so they headed west for an extended trip. Maggie is their 3rd generation cat to come to A Cat Clinic over many years,

Here’s Looking at You: Eye Problems in Cats

Eye injuries are not something to fool around with, as they can worsen quickly if your cat rubs his eye. And just like children, if you don’t want him to rub his eye, that’s exactly what he’ll do! This week’s blog post was originally published on by Dr. Diana Lafer of Cats Limited Hospital in West Hartford, CT.

Fountain of Youth? Calcitriol and Kidney Disease

Of course, there is no Fountain of Youth. At least not that has been discovered yet. But new advances in veterinary medicine occur all the time, and research can show new ways to help your cat slow some of the effects of aging on their bodies.

Lilies are a no-no for your kitty!

We’ve set our clocks forward and have seen crocuses and daffodils poke their heads up from the frozen earth, and the first thing that many of us want to do is to celebrate spring with some lovely, fragrant lilies – especially the beautiful white trumpet-shaped Easter lilies that appear everywhere this time of year.

Those buzzing mosquitoes are not just annoying! Feline Heartworm Disease

“My cat never goes outside. Why do I need to worry about heartworm disease?” You may have asked yourself this question when you saw an ad for preventing feline heartworms. But just like the stink bugs many of us in Maryland find flying around our houses all winter, mosquitoes can get into your house and infect your cat.

Feline Oral Health

February is over (thank goodness, with the way this winter has been!), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still think about helping your cat maintain a healthy mouth. And with our new Dental Health Promotion policy ($50 discount if dental cleaning scheduled within 1 month of annual exam), your cat never has to wait for Dental Health Month to have the cleaning he or she needs to stay healthy.

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