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Serving Germantown, Clarksburg, Gaithersburg,  and Surrounding Areas in MD

Gentle, Compassionate Care for Cats & Their Families

A Cat Clinic:

A Cat Clinic has been serving the Germantown MD area, providing veterinary services to cats, since 1986.  We moved one mile west of Route 118 to our current location in 2005.  A Cat Clinic was the first veterinary hospital in Montgomery County for cats only.

Feline Only Veterinary Hospital Germantown MD


Join Dr. Dale Rubenstein and Dr. Melissa Mustillo for a tour of our beautiful clinic!

Many of our clients say it best:

“We love the cats-only, friendly, caring atmosphere, and the full range of services provided by A Cat Clinic.”  E.S.

“Dr. Rubenstein believed in my kitty’s ability to live a happy, normal life even when my previous vet had given up and had the skill to improve my kitty’s health beyond my wildest expectations.”  M.K.

“I highly recommend this caring, compassionate clinic who specializes in cats. They are the best!”  C.B.

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    Feline Rabies Vaccine Shortage

To our wonderful feline families:

We would prefer not to say “don’t come in” for annual exams, however the safe, non-adjuvanted Rabies vaccination we use will be on back-order until June.  We know how challenging it is getting your cat in the carrier and riding in the car, so we don’t want to ask you to make two trips.

Therefore, if you have a healthy, indoor, adult cat who is due for Rabies now but could wait until June, we would be grateful. But, if you have any health concerns, please do schedule the exam, even if we have to postpone vaccination. As always, if we split the visit just for vaccines, there will be no additional office visit/exam fee when you come back for just the Rabies vaccination.

We do have the 3-year rabies vaccine, but because this contains an adjuvant that can cause a reaction at the site of vaccination, we do not typically recommend this vaccine.

You may still receive email or text reminders that your cat is due for Rabies vaccination.  If this happens, please call the office and we will discuss the appropriate scheduling time based on vaccine availability. We will let you know as soon as vaccine becomes available again or we have updated information.

As always, if you have any questions about the health of your cat, please call us.

Thank you,

Dr. Rubenstein and Dr. Mustillo


 April Talk on Kitten Care

Spring seems to finally be here, and it always brings new litters of kittens.  Dr. Dale Rubenstein will present “What To Expect When You’re Expecting…A Kitten!” on Saturday, April 19 here at A Cat Clinic.  Check out our ACC In The Community page for more details.